BENITO TOSELLO VIOLA, CAVARZERE 1992 16 13/16″ (42.7 cm)


Fine Stradivari model viola from this contemporary Italian maker Tosello born in Cavarzere in 1939. Tosello was the student of the preeminent maker Natale Carletti. In the 1980s Carletti and Tosello founded the School of Violin Making in Pieve di Cento. Tosello is a medalist in violin competitions.

This example is signed on label and branded on back and neck block with the Tosello logo.











Fine woods and a soft reddish-brown varnish skillfully applied. The wide flaming on the back ascends from the center joint.

Certificate by Carfagna of Rome included with sale.

valued at $7500

UB: 7 15/16″ (21 cm)

MB: 5 5/16 (13.5 cm)

LB: 9 58″ (24.4 cm)

LOB: 16 13/16″ (42.7 cm)