I love it!  Thank you so much.  It is beautiful! I promise to take good care of it and play her with much happiness. 


 Hello Robert !

 Well, good news, I'd like to keep the Storioni :) First of all, I wanted to and did put on some new strings, (Infeld Red on the GDA and Pirastro Oliv gut on the E) before I tested it. I have these on all of my violins.

You might want to try Infeld Red on your violins as opposed to Dominants. It's the same company but the Reds are a newer, premium string. They're almost twice as rich as dominants.

Anyway, it took 3 hours for the strings to stretch and stabalize somewhat but once they did, I never heard such magic on an instrument. There are no words to describe the tones this violin produces. It's much much better than any of the 15 $9000 violins I tried out at my retail violin shop last month. I was very close to buying one of those (and trading in my $6000 German violin for credit) but then I saw the Storioni on Ebay luckily.

I'm very happy Robert, thank-you. Just let me know, I'll write a testimonial for you and your great service if you wish for your website.

Michael L.

Dear Stringnet,

I just bought my daughter a beautiful cello from a wonderful person through Stringnet. My daughter had tried several cellos from local stores with no satisfaction. I heard about your site & thought I'd browse. I was surprised to see a listing relatively close to home, for a cello with a price that was close to what we were looking to pay. I was skeptical about hooking-up with someone on the internet. However, within a short couple of emails I was certain that we had to see this cello. The seller was incredibly knowledgeable and kind. She took great care to provide me with any information that I needed to feel comfortable. My daughter knew within moments of putting the bow to string that she had a match. She had been afraid that our price range meant she would need to settle for an inferior instrument. I will never forget the way my daughter's eyes beamed over this cello! Thank you for providing the opportunity for a talented young lady to find the instrument that will help her pursue her dreams.

Terri H.